Anniversary DJ

What could be a more fitting tribute to the love and commitment in a marriage than to celebrate a 25th, 40th, 50th, etc., Wedding Anniversary.  If your celebration is to include music, go with the professionals at Memory Lane Music Service, Inc.  We have the experience, the quality, the music selection to provide the exact atmosphere and mix of music to reminisce and enjoy sharing those memories with family and friends.  Don’t trust this important event to the many Jukebox Programmers in the marketplace today.

Many know very little about much of the music they play.  Anyone can log on to Spotify and YouTube to play songs as requested.  Without a working knowledge of the music, they have little recourse but to play the songs randomly without purpose or plan.  We own our music and all music is reviewed in advance for the purpose of ID tagging so our DJ’s know everything significant about the music before they play it such as is it slow, listening, fast, country, pop, rock, jitterbug, 2 step, waltz, questionable/explicit lyrics, etc.

Why risk your special moment in time with just anyone?  As is the case with any business, there are those who cut corners every chance they get to minimize investment and maximize profit.  We believe we will maximize profit by maximizing our commitment and investment into the quality of our shows and to our customers.  This investment has us spending more money on our sound systems quality and two laptops for every show.  Equipment sometime fails.  We refuse to allow that to prevent us from providing our service to completion.  Memory Lane is the choice of many who understand that quality is the difference.