School Dance DJ

School dances can be some of the more challenging dances today.  Current music is very diverse with music such as hip hop, rap, rock, indie, pop, R & B, country, etc.  Also, much of today’s music has questionable lyrics to say the least.  We purchase all our music giving us the opportunity to review and screen all our music in advance of playing them to determine all relevant information about each song such as, is it slow or fast and most important, lyric content.  We have the censored radio edit versions of the songs today’s students relate to and want to dance.  The Jukebox Programmer DJ’s today often bring very cheap sound systems and play music from sites such as Spotify and YouTube.  In addition to being illegal to do this, these sites do not necessarily identify songs with explicit lyrics so these “DJ’s” have no way of knowing they are playing uncensored songs until it is too late.  It is not uncommon for me to hear from schools that the DJ service they previously hired was playing songs dropping “F” bombs everywhere.

Our high-quality sound systems are supplemented with a very nice light show with a minimum of 4 LED laser lights plus two other LED effect lights.  We bring two laptops to every show because the show must go on.

I would think when hiring any contractor doing work on behalf of the school, whether at the school or off premise there would be a state requirement to require proof of liability insurance.  We carry a one-million-dollar liability insurance as any legitimate business should.  These “fly by night” DJ services are not going to be insured.  They survive not on providing a high-quality legal, professional business but by just offering a cheaper price.  It is often that many of the Jukebox Programmers today actually make more money per show, charging less than we do, because of their non-businesslike approach of cheap equipment, illegally playing “no cost to them” music and no insurance.  Go with the professionals with the highest quality sound systems, most experience and most comprehensive, prescreened legal music selection in southern Illinois, Memory Lane Music Service, Inc.