Most Requested Wedding Entertainment



Working with you at every step

We’re proud to be the most requested wedding DJ entertainment in the area, and we’ve earned that reputation for a reason.  We provide the highest quality systems at the best prices per that quality than anyone in southern Illinois.  I have been in business for over 40 years and channel that experience and commitment through all my employee DJ’s.  We take extra measures to ensure the show will go on by bringing a back up laptop to all shows with systems that have safety contingency features in all shows.  Did you know many of today’s DJ service purchase very cheap equipment or in some case rent a system to do shows?  Also, many own very little music, if any, instead playing off sites such as Spotify, therefore not having any working knowledge of the songs they play in respect to genre, tempo, whether there are explicit lyrics, etc.  Many of us who run legitimate DJ services refer to these as “Jukebox DJ’s.

From the time we initially talk to price your event to your specific needs to the playing of the last song of the evening we are completely invested in your satisfaction.  For every Wedding we send the customer a very comprehensive questionnaire covering all aspects of a wedding.  We then review that questionnaire with the Bride/Groom roughly ten days prior to the reception, going over every single line to insure we have all the necessary information but also that we get it right.  I have over 40 years to perfect what we do.  With a very specific formula for success, you can rest assured that your special day will feel all the more special with the very best DJ entertainment around.

Keeping the event running smoothly

Throughout the reception, we will coordinate with all vendors and staff to ensure that your expectations are met. We fully understand that all vendors have a job to do to make your day memorable.  It is important to have that rapport and attention to what everyone’s role is to work cohesively toward one objective…your satisfaction.  We keep your special guests informed and do everything we can to make your evening memorable by way of announcements, DJ interaction, catering to every expectation you have of us.