Class Reunion DJ

Planning a Class Reunion?  Memory Lane owns the most comprehensive music selection in southern Illinois.  In many cases we own more music from the year you graduated than other DJ’s bring in their entire music library.  Not only do we own our music but each song has been reviewed and ID tagged to show what year it charted, is it slow, listening or fast, is it country, pop, rock, 2 step, jitterbug, waltz, etc.  Many people claim to be DJ’s today simply because they can go onto sites such as Spotify, YouTube, etc to find songs, but that’s what anyone can do by simply putting money into a jukebox.  Book a professional DJ, not a “Jukebox Programmer”.

One must know something about the song to know where it best fits for playing in a slow set, a dance set, dinner music or something to just listen to.  Our experience and ID tagging of all music sets us apart from the competition.  Factor in we also provide the finest quality sound systems in southern Illinois with a backup laptop in and every show and you have the formula for a successful reunion, reminiscing to songs from when you were in school or even the newest songs of today if you like.

We pay close attention to the volume to provide an atmosphere where people sitting can still engage in conversation and/or come to the dance floor when they hear that favorite song they danced to back when.  All systems come with a high-quality handheld wireless mic if you want to pass the mic around for classmate introductions of their current status.

Possibly there is talent in your class you want to showcase by adding Karaoke, for no additional charge.  Our Karaoke systems are also the nicest in the area.  In addition to a high-quality sound system, we reserve two microphones for singers that are $100.00 each quality.  Our Karaoke selection contains no duplicates so when we say we have 19,000 Karaoke songs, we have 19,000 individual/different songs.  Often DJ services boast of having a large number of songs, never disclosing this claim includes many duplicates of the same song, exaggerating the true number substantially. An LED TV is provided for the words as opposed to having to read them from the DJ laptop, often using the same microphone as the DJ.  You will find a song to sing and can review our Karaoke list on our website under the DJ services tab scrolling down to the Karaoke tab and then Karaoke Songs by Artist tab.

If your reunion is important enough to have music then it’s important enough to have a quality DJ service to provide the entertainment.  Memory Lane Music Service, Inc is that choice.