Our Packages

At Memory Lane we do everything possible to meet all customers’ needs, including budget concerns. We have always provided by far the highest quality sound systems in southern Illinois. However, about five years ago I began to see and realize it was obvious that many people were going to start taking advantage of the technology by which they could download music on line, “for free”, then buy a very inexpensive sound system to, low and behold, become a “professional DJ service.” These people survive mostly on little more than just being cheaper. More often than not they bring very little experience, very little and/or illegally acquired music, poor quality sound, very few lights and often little, to no skill to professionally host an event. In spite of our provable higher quality and experience, we none the less had to now compete with many who had so little overhead they could simply provide, although it be a poor quality, a show for less money. I made a decision in May of 2013 to address this by building two new system options for our customers, our Standard and our Budget systems. I however refused to throw quality out the window. With almost 40 years experience in this business I researched many options of pro audio equipment to find the highest quality I could find, but at lesser prices than what was invested in, what are now known as our Premier Systems. Is our $10,000.00 Premier Systems better quality than our new Standard and Budget systems? Sure they are, but the Premier Systems are also appreciably higher quality than all of our competitors. We now offer a customer three price points depending on their need requirements and budget. Our Budget system is roughly twice the quality of most competitors only system option. Please request our full information packet for a more detailed explanation of who Memory Lane Music Service, Inc is along with our commitments to our customers, full pricing information and how some may try to deceive you with less than accurate information.

Memory Lane Music Service, Inc Has Three Quality Levels to Serve You


Our “Premiere” systems are true $10,000.00 sound systems with over $4,000.00 speakers with subwoofers and a bi-amped 4,000 watts. Combine this with several sound enhancement equipment components and you have a sound system quality unmatched in southern Illinois.


Our “Standard” quality sound systems are roughly $3,500.00 sound systems. When you consider the industry average quality for DJ sound systems is about $1,000.00, these systems still provide an excellent sound for the more budget minded customers.


Our “Budget” sound systems are still above industry averages at around $1,500 – $2,000.00 sound systems. This is an excellent choice for anyone on a limited budget, with quality still in mind.

All of our sound systems include four laser lights along with other special effect lightings. Combine all this with the most comprehensive music library, (GUARANTEED), in the area and you have a quality of shows without equal in southern Illinois.


Additional Service Options


Over 14,000 separate songs, two $100.00 professional microphones for singers, LCD/LED TV’s, etc. (Not recommended for wedding receptions).


We can now complement any show with music videos. We currently have over 14,000 videos and growing with a very strong representation of desirable dance songs from 1980 through current. With strong positive public response already, I believe you would find this to be a great value for added entertainment at your event. We will bring a 40” TV or project to a white wall or bring one projection 120” screen, (Difficult to set up inside), to engage your guests with fun videos, especially for some of those who may choose not to dance but would find having the video to watch as a nice addition to the entertainment. We can also show your slides if you have a show of videos/pictures you want us to project. If choosing music videos, it does require signing a waiver agreement in respect to content. Although we make every effort to play “family appropriate music” at our shows, even songs that otherwise are benign in DJ only format, some of the videos may have a little more risqué characteristics due to video content. We would need you to acknowledge this understanding with a signed waiver.

Pricing Guide For Additional Services

If interested in any of our additional services please contact me ASAP for more information as we currently have only one of each service.  Therefore they are being booked on a first come first serve basis.  To add Karaoke to an event there is no additional charge, just subject to availability.  If you want your event to be that one of a kind, stand out event, these packages will enhance your event tremendously.  At Memory Lane Music Service, Inc. we never stop trying to find ways to serve our customers with quality products and quality service.  

Karaoke – No Charge

(Again, not recommended for Wedding receptions)

DJ Services Packages Southern IL

Add $100.00 for 120″ screen + HD projector

Music Videos – $50.00 includes one truss-mounted  40″ TV

Expand the Sound –  $75 per wireless speaker

How often have you been at an event and the sound from the DJ system was too loud, especially up close, yet you couldn’t make out anything being said toward the back of the room?  The first problem could be a cheap sound system or it could simply be you need more speakers. We can add speakers wirelessly anywhere you like as long as we are close to an outlet.

Ceremony System – $100 includes a powered speaker with two inputs for a laptop and wireless lapel microphone

We provide all the music from 30 minutes before the ceremony start and during ceremony “up to” a 30 minute ceremony.

2,000 Watt Honda Inverter Generator

  • $50.00 w/ show rental – includes 1 tank of gas
  • $100.00 generator only – includes 1 tank of gas

6.500 Watt Honda Inverter Generator

  • $175.00 w/ show rental – includes 1 tank of gas
  • $350.00 generator only – includes 1 tank of gas