Christmas Party DJ

Planning a Christmas Party and you need music?  Memory Lane is the choice of many for the highest quality sound systems, DJ service in southern Illinois.  Our Christmas music, as is the rest of our music, is the most organized and comprehensive in the area.  We bring a very nice light system with a minimum of 4 laser lights plus two other LED lights to all shows, so we can add a little more twinkle to your holiday event.  We also bring two laptops to every show.  If we are booked till midnight we will play until midnight.  Laptop failure will not end our ability to finish our shows.

Who doesn’t want a better sound quality, better music selection, a DJ that knows exactly what the music is they’re playing before and when they play it and the backup equipment to finish the job?  In today’s world of “we can play off Spotify and YouTube”, this is not always the case.  We have reviewed every song at purchase and we purchase all our music to ID tag so we understand everything about the song about to be played, such as is it slow, listening, fast, country, hip hop, rock, jitterbug, waltz, etc.  We know what year it charted, does it have questionable lyrics and any other information we deem important.  There are people who claim to be a DJ service when they actually know little about the requirements of being a DJ.  They just know how to log on to a music site and play songs as requested.  Don’t book a “Jukebox Programmer”.

Possibly you have some talented employees so you decide to add Karaoke, at no additional charge.  When providing Karaoke, we make available two mics of $100.00 each quality.  Singers are then able to view the words on an LED TV, not read them off the DJ laptop, often singing on the same mic as the DJ.  We currently have 19,000 individual, non-duplicated karaoke song titles, adding to this number every month.  Often DJ services boast of having 20,000 or more songs, not telling you that this number includes duplicates of most popular songs bringing their true net number of songs usually far less than our impressive karaoke selection. You will find a song to sing and can review our Karaoke list on our website under the DJ services tab scrolling down to the Karaoke tab and then Karaoke Songs by Artist tab.  Don’t settle for average.  Hire the professionals at Memory Lane Music Service, Inc., serving southern Illinois for over 40 years.